Helping Hand

for Nicaragua

Make an Impact

Through Helping Hand for Nicaragua we are able to improve the quality of life of the local community through Social or Eco initiatives

Volunteers @ Hola Ola

Why we love to have volunteers around

At Hola Ola we believe in the importance of volunteers to create a family vibe. That is why not only we create a comfortable and fun environment for our volunteers, but we are also flexible in the tasks they perform. We believe if our volunteers and staff are happy, everything else comes naturally.

Volunteer Testimonials

I helped out at the hostels events as well as programing the website. The variety of tasks I could do here kept my stay as well as the volunteering exciting.
Hostel & Programing
The people that come through the hostel and other workers have been amazing and I've made some really great friends. The hostel has such a welcoming atmosphere you feel at home right away. Thank you Hola Ola for everything!
Hostel & Helping Hand
I loved my volunteering because I felt I was having an impact while working with the kids of the Helping Hand program.
Hostel & Helping Hand